Kingdom Submission Sheet

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Kingdom Submission Sheet

Post by Play on Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:01 pm

If you have not read the rules and lore, it will be obvious and you should not bother to apply for a kingdom. Reading rules/lore is an absolute prerequisite.

Copy the code below and fill out the sheet entirely. Then, PM it to an administrator.

[b]Kingdom name[/b]:

[b]Population[/b]: (10-100 to start. You must have at least ten percent of your kingdom's population in PC's)

[b]Names of kingdom PC's[/b]: (This needs to be a list of actual players that have agreed to join your kingdom)

[b]Preferred Location[/b]:

[b]Moral Alignment[/b]:

[b]Tech level[/b]: (anything from stone-age to futuristic, but remember that more advanced = more costly)

[b]King/Queen[/b]: (or equivalent)

[b]Misc[/b]: (anything else you would like to share)

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